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Geo Bubble swimming pool blanket covers

2-ply polyethylene material with colour pigments are used to strengthen and protect against Solar Pool Blanketsthe sun, chlorine and acids. The bottom layer makes up two thirds of the composition and is shaped into air cells that allow the cover to float but also ensures insulation against cold air temperatures.

Pool covers (whether it be our covers or our geo-bubbles) eliminate evaporation by over 98%

Read our article in the Burger about our Safety Pool Products and what it can do for Water Saving! or download the PDF here

Some of the Benefits you can enjoy using our Geo Bubble Solar Blanket are:

  • Save water
  • Save energy
  • Save energy costs
  • Save chemicals

Our Geo Bubble technology lends it to the best solar gain, algae inhibition, or heat reflection benefits to suit our cold winter conditions and dry summers